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Jacob’s Well has also been hosting monthly Variety Shows where members of the community and of the neighbourhood have come to sing, play, read poetry, do tricks, listen to singing and make joyful noises to celebrate our community. During Variety Show, our space is transformed into an oasis of beauty and joy in an oftentimes weary reality.

The work we do at the Friday Variety Show may seem small, but it holds profound meaning. We can see transformations in the way people carry themselves and in the way they relate to one another. We see an almost tangible bond being built as the power of music connects us. We see value and worth blossoming in people as they plant beautiful seeds within themselves through their artwork and music. These artistic outlets restore self-confidence and increase life worth. And when we feel we have worth, this shines through in our day-to-day lives, resulting in the possibility for positive transformations in our lives and in the lives of others.

Check out the Jacob’s Well Live Recording CD on bandcamp: http://jacobswelllive.bandcamp.com/
It’s free for download, with an option to offer a donation to Jacob’s Well.

This CD is about showcasing the regular contributing members of our Jacob’s Well community on a live recording in order to honour our time spent together and share a little taste of what happens at these shows with you!