Community Kitchen

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Once a week, many members of our community gather to plan, cook and clean up a meal together. A few of us go shopping at our local market to supplement what we receive from the food bank and then some of our friends from the neighbourhood come and help cook. We always put the coffee on early so that people can come in, and in no time the front room is usually packed with familiar faces, games of cards, and lots of laughter. It is a hallowed moment as we pause the whole operation for a minute or so of silence before we say grace and eat. About 30-40 neighbours and friends, unlikely companions, come together around five tables to eat in one another’s company. We eat family-style, and our meals certainly have both the deeply fulfilling and frustrating characteristics of family meals. Plenty of people stick around to finish up the dishes. We close the evening by praying for those we have talked with around the table.