Thoughts On Giving

We are stewards of God’s resources.  They belong to Him, and He entrusts them to us.  We recognize that the love of money is often an idol in our society, and that individualism and self-sufficiency are often glorified in our culture.  We try to resist these tendencies by sharing what we have and depending on one another – we encourage everyone in our community to help sustain Jacob’s Well financially as they are able.  We pray in faith for God to provide our daily bread.  Instead of spending a lot of our time on traditional means of fundraising, we try to honestly express our needs with those with whom we have relationship.  We strive to maintain a generous posture by giving away a 10% tithe of what our community receives, passing on resources to other organizations, especially those who help at-risk children and youth, because we think helping them is a form of preventative justice.

Donating items

There are a few things we need consistently at Jacob’s Well (mugs, plates, forks, paper towel, and toilet paper will always be welcome). Because we don’t have any formal programs or opportunities to give away free things like clothes, books, or toiletries in the neighbourhood we respectfully ask they you don’t give them to us.  If you’d like to give these things away we recommend you bring them to the Union Gospel Mission thrift store at 671 E Hastings St., open from Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 4-30pm.  That way, people in the DTES can pay a dollar or two for the items, which can be more empowering and dignifying for them than receiving things for free.

Currently Needed Items

We are consistently in need of general items (see above) however, below is a rotating list of specific things we could use right now. Be sure to check back often to see which particular things we are currently looking for.

  • Large industrial floor fan
  • Wagon
  • Large Print Bibles
  • Teapots
  • Mouse-proof food canisters

If you have any above items and would like to donate, please contact us!