In our community, about 30-40 people volunteer their time to come to the Jacob’s Well space for one afternoon or evening a week, to participate in our friendship-building work, to share life and learn from the people of the DTES.  Instead of calling them volunteers, we call them community members or team members, because joining us Jacob’s Well involves a deeper commitment than most volunteer positions.  Due to the relational emphasis of our work we require a minimum one year commitment, although we sometimes make exceptions. To learn more about what you would do as a volunteer please click here.  If this interests you, contact us at info@jacobswell.ca and we’ll send you an application form and set up a time to meet with you.

We do not typically have work for one-time or drop-in volunteers to do, however, if you would like to visit our community to get a feel for who we are, contact us and we’ll arrange a time for you to come


We always welcome your prayers!  To receive regular prayer updates please email beth@jacobswell.ca.

A few ongoing prayer requests:

– For our ongoing friendships in the DTES – that they would deepen and transform us all.
– For new friendships and new community members to help carry them.
– For generous donors to sustain our work financially.
– For wisdom, courage and healthy boundaries for the staff and the leadership team.
– For the church in Vancouver and beyond – that we would all take up the mandate of seeking friendship with those on the margins.


Give on a monthly basis . . . or a one time donation

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Donate Items:

There are a few things we need consistently at Jacob’s Well (mugs, plates, forks, paper towel, and toilet paper will always be welcome).
In addition to these things, we are currently looking for the following specific items:

  • Large industrial floor fan
  • Wagon
  • Large Print Bibles
  • Teapots
  • Mouse-proof food canisters

If you have any above items and would like to donate, please contact us!