Jacob’s Well is a faith based non-profit located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. We seek mutually transformative friendship with those on the margins of society and equip others to do the same in their own context.

We are an ecumenical Christian community, that is, we come from many different denominations and churches.  We share the basics of jacobs_well_11the Christian faith, as defined in the Apostles’ Creed, and we find unity around our commitment to Christ and to loving the marginalized people He loves.  We strive to keep Christ at the centre of all we do.  Our theological differences do not drive us apart, but challenge us to love each other in the midst of tension, and to be respectful, gracious and generous in conversation. We believe our common purpose as followers of Christ is to announce the good news (Gospel) of the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of justice and shalom, where nothing is missing or broken, where all things are reconciled and restored.  We do this in word and action, longing and working for right relationships between God, ourselves, our fellow humans, and creation.


Hospitality : We welcome everyone to join us.
We pursue community, radical inclusion, and table fellowship.

Mutuality : We do life together.
We aim for interdependence, collaboration, and shared creativity.

Spiritual Formation : We want every person to become whom they are created to be.
We practice rhythms of prayer, worship, visitation, celebration, and equipping.

Pursuing Justice : We announce God’s upside-down kingdom.
We seek restored, right relationships between each other, God, and the world.