Our community is made up of amazing people, and most of their pictures are on this wall at the front of Jacob’s Well’s space. We have different roles and names for each other: staff members, leadership team members, community members (volunteers), neighbours, and friends.  Below you’ll find bios of the staff and directors (who make up the Leadership Team). But what we call ourselves is not as important as the high value we place on being a community together.

Yolanda Bonkowski

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Yolanda was born in Hong Kong, but spent most of her life in Edmonton, Alberta. She left the snowy weather behind and moved to Vancouver in 2010 with her husband Aaron Bonkowski. She has been part of the community since early 2012. Yolanda graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Industrial Design. She loves arts and crafts, and led Art Time at Jacob’s Well for a while. She also works at a Before-and-After-School program where her imagination goes wild. Yolanda loves connecting with people from different walks of life and planning projects in which they can all participate. She hopes to explore the possibility of using her bilingual skills to engage Jacob’s Well’s Chinese neighbours in Chinatown.

Jacqueline Dewar

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Jacqueline joined the Jacob’s Well staff in June 2014 and has taken on some of the administrative, teaching, and other leadership responsibilities in the community. Jacqueline graduated from Regent College in 2015 with an MA in Theological Studies with a focus on World Christianity. She grew up in Chilliwack, and worked seven years as a high school math teacher before heading to Regent College where she was introduced to the Jacob’s Well community for the first time during a new student orientation, and the rest is history!

Silas Krabbe

Silas Krabbe, originally from Calgary AB, lives in Vancouver BC and works as Community Theologian and Coordinator at Mosaic church in Vancouver BC. He holds BA in Biblical Studies and a minor in Community Development from Columbia Bible College and an MA in Theological Studies from Regent College. Before attending Regent College he worked for Mennonite Central Committee and interned at their UN lobby in New York, where he coauthored an article entitled “The Mennonite Vision of Tolerance and Global Peace.” Silas’s interests lie in contemporary and radical theologies explored through the intersection of theology and pop culture. He is an avid backcountry skier, a passionate Harry Potter fan, and a Lady Gaga aficionado.

Erik deLange

Erik Michael deLange is an actor, writer, and avid conversationalist living in Vancouver, BC. He holds a BA in Theatre and Philosophy from Trinity Western University and is currently working on his Masters in Theology from Regent College.

Scott McTaggart

Scott McTaggart is husband to Aubyn, and dad to three children: Evelynn, Maisy and Leo. He currently works as the Pastor of Community Formation with Artisan Church, and is finishing theological studies at Regent College. Scott first connected with Jacob’s Well in 2011 at a Life in the Margins workshop. Soon after, he joined the Friday Team and then became a board member in 2015.

Amy Wilson-Roberts

Amy is married to Aaron Roberts and has two incredible little girls named Sadie and Beatrice.  She has been a director on the Leadership Team since 2011 but has been a part of the Jacobs Well community since 2004. She has primarily been  part of the community kitchen team.  Amy works for a local nonprofit , NieuCommunities, which mentors young adults to live missionally in their neighbourhoods.

Jean-Christophe Andrez (JC)

Jean-Christophe Andrez (JC) loves his wife Inhee, his son and enjoys discovering our world. He holds a PhD in organic chemistry from France and works at creating and making new drugs (disclaimer: not THOSE type of drugs…). He likes typical French things like bread, wine, cheese, and cycling and first felt welcomed at Jacob’s Well as it reminded him of the long conversations over the dinner table back in France. He has been part of Jacob’s Well since 2011 as a volunteer mostly on the Wednesday Worship team and joined the board in 2017.